Spider-Dan And The Secret Bores

Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores Podcast




Top 5 Stephen King Adaptations W/ Paul Mellor & Dennis Whittle

Summary Time for another terrifying three-way! Paul Mellor joins Dennis & I as we take a leisurely tour around #CastleRock home to #StephenKing Adaptations including his novels, novellas and other writing. Listen to this Loser’s Club sit round the camp fire and try to decide which are our Top 5! Join us as discuss Werewolves…More

Demons (1985) V.S. Demons II (1986) W/ Dennis Whittle

Summary Dennis has clawed his way out of his own back to compare #DarioArgento & #LambertoBava’s #Demons I & II! Fresh from seeing a double bill of #Italy’s answer to #TheEvilDead on the big screen that very night, at #ChapelPictureHouse who presented the new 4k restoration from #ArrowFilms! Join us as we discuss bad parenting,…More

Frank Miller’s Ronin W/ Dennis Whittle

Summary Dennis Whittle the wandering samurai returns to comics and to the podcast to dissect #FrankMillersRonin from #DCComics as the sun sets on #SamuraiMonth. Join us as we discuss lasering antiques, the mashing up of different international influences & #FrankMiller not being a fan of reach-arounds… #PrepareForPrattle If you want to #JoinThePrattalion and to be…More

Our Host


Dan created the Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores Podcast as way to celebrate underrated, obscure and infamous media specifically his two main loves Cult Cinema and Comic books. 

Born in Blackpool but based in Manchester, England a former actor/writer decided to lend his transferable creative skills to podcasting in Nov 2018.

After some research and quite a few technical hurdles, in 2019 Dan was finally able to deliver strong and consistent content that has informed and entertained the world over ever since.

​Dan and his podcast has managed reach people from one side of the world in places like Canada all the way to the other in places like Iran.

This exponential success and growth is down to everyone that supports the podcast and all his guests with their diverse set of voices, taste, backgrounds and opinions. 

Dan still works full time away from the podcast, however he is very dedicated to this artistic endeavour that could potentially become a full time career with enough support. 

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